Iot Ready Connectors

IoT Ready can transform your standard products
into smart, connected products, with speed to market.


Remote monitoring solution for commercial and industrial refrigeration to improve product performance, ensure quality and compliance. Compatible with any existing control system from Carel, Danfoss or others.

Power Generator

Remote fleet management of power generators from anywhere, to streamline performance, prevent failures, reduce expenses and improve quality of services, with a highly scalable solution, adaptable to any type of controller.

Air Compressor

Remote fleet management of air compressors from anywhere, to improve performance, safety and quality of services, prevent downtimes and avoid high-costs for your clients. Monitor working time and energy usage and add new business models. Highly scalable solution, transversal to any type of controller.

Beer Tap

Manage multiple locations and maximize yield per keg. Monitor draft beer pour and keep track of your inventory. Ensure beer quality and compliance. Create new business models based on draft beer pour. IoT solution transversal to beer industry chain.

Coffee Machine

Remote monitoring solution of coffee machines. Manage multiple locations, prevent failures and increase performance. Ensure coffee quality and profitability. Learn from customers and launch new marketing approaches. Share useful information across the supply chain.

Vending Machine

Remote management of vending machines from anywhere, to improve maintenance, support and scale your business. Avoid revenue loss and reduce unnecessary rounds. Supply the right products with the required quantities. Save time and sell more.

Solar Panel

Remote monitoring solution for Solar Thermal systems or PV systems to improve performance and maintenance services. Ensure uptime and compliance. Highly scalable solution, transversal to any type of controller.

Any Thing

IoT Ready Team has a deep expertise in IoT and we can help you with the rapid digital transformation of your products and services to the market. We can design, develop and implement a custom solution based on your needs.

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